MCO Theoretical Training

RYA shorebased courses - theory courses on site

Good theoretical foundations with regards to navigation, weather, collision avoidance rules, light guidance, current and tide calculation are all important for safe ship management. The practical examiners also discuss  these topics  with the candidates during an examination tour in the Solent which is of a duration of 6 – 8 hours.

We are a certified RYA-Training Centre for the “Shorebased Theory Courses”. In our courses on site you will be perfectly prepared for these challenges. We teach based on the most modern pedagogical principles. Teaching is our profession.

The nature of the RYA Theory Courses

No question: Here, too, some things simply have to be learned with perseverance and effort. There is no escape! Claims to the contrary would be simply dishonest.

But: The theoretical contents of the RYA Theory courses are exclusively oriented towards what you might actually need on a sailing boat. There is no “academic” learning for its own sake, but rather well-founded problems from everyday sailing with feasible solutions. 

The MCO-Methodology:

We are simply professional in teaching – and have been for 25 years. Our past as teachers, trainers at teacher training colleges and universities, makes us safe and professional with regard to language, methodology, structuring of the learning units and focus on the needs of our participants. The specific didactical training within the scope of the RYA-Instructor Course is part of our way of working. These experiences, combined with our enthusiasm for sailing-specific topics, is what we call our MCO-methodology. This way theoretical courses will be varied, descriptive and take place in a pleasant atmosphere in perfect conference rooms.