OceanLife Cruises

Nature observation, research and sailing

With our OceanLife sailing cruises we offer a combination of actual nature experience with sailing at top level. Together, we (Barbara und Clemens) offer professional yacht management (RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, RYA Yachtmaster) and expertise in the field of natural history.

As biologists, we particularly strive towards bringing nature enthusiasts to places where others can only dream of. To places, where nature impresses with its archaic force and variety. Guests will be introduced both to marine nature and the art of offshore sailing.

From the season 2020 onwards, we will hold these sailing cruises on a high-end expedition yacht (GARCIA EXPLORATION). Details can be found in the OceanLife sailing cruises section.

For nature enthusiasts and photographers

  • Here you can experience a new perspective of marine life intensively. 
  • Finally you get the opportunity to make shots of marine animals, something you have always dreamed of.
  • At times whales and dolphins will be almost within your grasp. A close distance of a few metres is an unforgettable experience. You can even smell the blow …
  • During our joint snorkelling excursions you will get a grasp of the incredible variety of species in the coastal area. You will be delighted.
  • We will hike together, the looking glass always at hand and will explore nature hotspots also on land.

For students, biologists and scientists

  • Silent approach to sensitive species (whales, dolphins)
  • Minimal disturbance in the habitat
  • The equipment will be on board.
  • Realising interdisciplinary research approaches
  • With your diving equipment on board you can work in remote spots.