Only together we are MCO-Sailing!

Clemens Stecher Mco Sailing 03

Clemens Stecher

Manager of MCO-Sailing Yachtmaster Instructor 

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His constant yearning for unspoiled nature, the ocean, adventures, his many years of experience as an instructor (school / university / teacher training college) and his background knowledge in educational science merge into an overall picture.


Jonas Solbrig

Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Instructor

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Jonas is our man with the fine blade. Like no other, he is able to break down complex content and maneuvers to the basics and explain them in a way that everyone can understand. His patience is just as legendary.


Martin Jenner

Yachtmaster Coastel
FB2-Trainer on Elba

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Head of StandorMRM Coastal & Marine Resource Management,
background in Meteorology, Naval Architecture,
and Resource Management


Maik is our trusted advisor when it comes to reliable weather forecasts and yacht routing. Based in Iceland, he has a complete meteorological overview and no weather situation, no matter how tricky, gives him a headache - we rely 100 percent on our Icelander. Arrecife


Ursula Mönch

Account manager
The "good soul" of MCO

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You have questions - Ursula has the answer!

The experienced blue water sailor knows MCO like no other. 

From Sep 2022 she will take care of the big and small concerns of our customers. 

Whether bookings, rebookings, questions about travel, packing lists or individual advice - Ursula will explain and clarify everything. We are grateful for that.

Barbara Homepage 03

Barbara Wirleitner

Management OceanLife-Sailing Cruises 
Yachtmaster Offshore

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 As biologist and skipper responsible for background research in the BioTörn areas, biological tour guiding and planning of routes. As life partner and wife of Clemens responsible for his inner balance.

Bernhard Homepage01 04

Bernhard Hofer 

Yachtmaster Offshore and Cruising Instructor

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Bernhard has worked as a manager in business for many years. Now he is a sailing instructor and personal/business coach. This way he can ideally combine his passion for sailing with his fondness for working with people. We are happy to have Bernhard in our team.

Michi Kroess 02

Michi Kröss

Yachtmaster- und Chief Instructor
Management location Arrecife

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We are very happy to have Michi, a highly qualified sailor and real philanthropist, on our team as base manager in Arrecife. Since January 2022, he has been independently managing MCO's fortunes under the Canary Islands sun.


Dominik Unger

RYA Cruising

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The experienced ocean sailor has been on the water since he was a child and was practically born with the didactic tools in his many years as a sailing instructor in Constance.

Great that you are going into the future with us, dear Dominik.

Guido Dwerste Mco Sailing 03

Guido Dwersteg

Yachtmaster Offshore

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He is one of the best known single-handed sailors in the German-speaking area. He became known from his trip across the Atlantic (13-2014). As an instructor in the MCO team, he brings in his social skills and teaching talent

Alex Krueger Mco Sailing 03

Alex Krüger

Yachtmaster Offshore and
Cruising Instructor

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 Alex is as a former top athlete and coach probably the prototype of the MCO team instructor. He brings all of his experience, his social skills and his well-developed pedagogical skills into our work. Since 2018 he has been heading the MCO trainings in the Solent – much to the pleasure of his trainees and teammates. 

Maik Broetzig Mco Sailing 03


MRM Coastal &
Marine Resource Mgmt.

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Maik is our trusted advisor when it comes to reliable weather forecasts and yacht routing. Based in Iceland, he has total meteorological insight and no matter how tricky the general weather situation is, it never gives him a headache - we rely 100 percent on our Icelander.