MCO Skipper Training

from beginners to pros

"Nobody is perfect!" We aren’t and others aren’t always too!

Therefore we offer the opportunity of an ideal, individual training also for “certified” skippers with our SKIPPER TRAINING. Here pros will demonstrate the essential basics of boat and team management and you can practise, practise, practise …

Additional topics:

Ship takeover, insurance, things to watch out for when chartering a boat etc. Please ask exactly the questions you have always been itching to ask. The skipper training is the right framework for this. 


Our skipper training courses are offered both in the Mediterranean (Elba) and in the Atlantic (Canary Islands, Solent).

Elba: Mediterranean sailing in the Tuscan Archipelago (Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Capraia)

Canary Islands: deep sea sailing with high probability of strong winds and real Atlantic swell (Las Gallettas, San Sebastean, Valle Gran Rey)

Solent: tidal skipper training with intensive examination of currents, tidal range (Southampton, Cowes, Portsmouth)